How to use New Relic

First of all, what is New Relic?

New Relic is a tool to monitor the performance of your website. Once installed, it gives you all the information you need to make your server and application a lot faster, you don't only get server information but it logs slow parts of your application down to the line of application code.
All information is shown in a web application and now linked to our controlpanel, Sock.

Who will have access to New Relic via sock?

All new managed solutions will automatically have New Relic installed, from a managed virtual dedicated server (VDS), private cloud servers to clustered dedicated servers.

Activate it on your platform in 3 simple steps

Step one

Visit the the New Relic section in Sock on the top menu of Sock.


Step two

If it is the first time New Relic is installed, you'll have to accept the terms and conditions before you can view your information.
The monitoring is already active, data is gathered after step 1, it doesn't wait untill you activate the widget in Sock.


Third and final step

Once you've accepted the terms, you will have two ways to view your statistics.
The first is a single-sign-on link on top of the page. This link will log you in on the New Relic back-end without having to fill in any credentials.
A second, and maybe more important element you'll see is a real-time widget with all installed applications. An application can be a dedicated server or a virtual server with New Relic installed on it. This widget will show you some very basic stats regarding the health of the server at that moment.
By clicking on an application, you will again automatically go to the detailed New Relic back-end.


The New Relic back-end



Now what if you already have servers and you don't see the accept terms and conditions link?

Activating New Relic is fully automated during the installation of new servers. But it needs a manual action for existing ones. It is easy to request an installation on your existing servers.

If you already have a server you can view in Sock, you will also see the New Relic menu item in the top menu.
Once you visit this link you will see a request-form where you can select all the virtual servers you want New Relic to be installed on and send it to our support team. It will then look if your server has the requirements for New Relic and install it. Once this is ready, you will see the accept-terms-page and your server will be monitorred with New Relic.



I don't see the New Relic menu item!

I don't have a login for Sock!

Send an email to our support team if you don't have a login for Sock or you can login, but you don't see New Relic in the top menu.

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